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I’ve been cautious about this topic, because I know I will step on toes. In fact, I will stomp hard. But let me tell you something… Women should NOT be next to men in combat. We all think we really know the horrors of war. But I can promise you, when a female gets picked off and accosted by a group of radical enemies, she will undoubtedly endure the worst form of torture possible. Don’t think they will kill her, that would be to merciful… No… They will rape her, and it won’t be just one man, it will be 40 to 50. It’s not if it will happen, it is WHEN.

Women in CombatI truly don’t get it… I don’t understand where women don’t think that they have the same rights as men, especially when it comes to armed forces. Why do we always feel that we have to be their EQUAL, when we were never DESIGNED to be their equal? Can we not be comfortable and secure enough and acknowledge that we were created to complement men, rather than compete with them..?

Why do we think that we have less value, simply because we are not on the front lines? Let me tell you why… because far too many females are attention whores. That’s right… Yep, I went there… so all of you “female grunts”, who think you are really cut from the same cloth as the Rangers, Seals, whatever ~ I have news for you… You have not climbed the ladder in regards to respect here. In fact, you have lowered your standards, because you don’t think that you are worthy enough without having to compete with men who shoot guns, are called heroes, warriors, and get more medals than we do.

I have news for you… You had better take a second look at the powerful, strong women who have served in the Armed Forces, who have shaped the history of our nation. My mother is one of them. When will we begin to understand… That we as women are called to birth the Warriors of this nation, instead of compete with them? Is giving birth to them not enough…? When will we understand, that there is a war to be fought here at home, when our soldiers return…? When will we understand, the providing aid for the valiant is every bit as honorable as them being wounded and sacrificed?

Don’t kid yourself, this is no giant leap forward for women in this nation. In fact, it is a step backwards. Because you are placing your brothers in greater harms way by insisting that you be as “glorious” as them. You want to run to the fight screaming “until Valhala”…? How about you stand down, and care for them and help keep them here for a while longer. Because God knows, our nation is going to need them… And quite frankly, I would encourage you young women today to reconsider combat roles. Go ahead and serve in the Armed Forces, but while you’re at it, don’t forget to give birth to the Warriors. Because that is the ONE thing that you will never have to worry about competing with men for… get married, raise your family, GIVE your country and your men sons and daughters. Build a legacy together… Raise those warriors, who will lead on the front lines, lead in the White House, lead in the classrooms, lead in the marketplace, and lead THEIR own future generations.

That in itself is our greatest hope. That alone, it’s the best thing that you can do for our country. There is no shame in that. In fact, there is no greater honor. It does not mean that you can’t serve as a soldier, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot have a career. Nor does it mean that you still cannot serve in critical, strategic, valuable positions. In fact, the prophetess Deborah did it in the Bible. She was a military advisor to a man named Barack. She gave him the Council of the Lord going into battle. And guess what… They were victorious. But she never executed her skill on the front line. Rather, she did it from her City of Ramah. That small town probably would’ve made no mention in the Old Testament whatsoever, had it not been for her strategic counsel to the special ops commander that fateful day, which gave Israel victory. And no, this is not a throwback to a “less than mentality”. Because we are not “less than” our men. We are “part of” them. In fact, we are the best part of them, if we ALLOW ourselves to be.

Please feel free to share this. Fact, I would encourage you to do so. Personally, I will be more than glad to have a very diplomatic, respectful conversation with anyone who begs to differ. And while you’re at it, understand that the DOD has placed a gag order on this subject. That’s right… Marines cannot talk about it, top brass cannot talk about it, you get the picture… Let’s tape the mouths shut of the voices of those who really matter on this subject. That’s exactly what is taking place, for those who are currently enlisted. And it’s WRONG. It’s incredibly unfair. So please, speak FOR them. Not against them….

On Jan. 1, Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus ordered the Marines to provide plans by Jan. 15 for boot camp to go coed. The decision is so fraught that Mabus is trying to shroud it in silence. ABC.com

reports that “Mabus also warned Marine…



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