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Sometimes you just can’t make everyone happy. Not that my friend Lisa tries, but recently she posted her photo on facebook, and someone was offended.

I can’t imagine why – unless perhaps they were jealous?

Lisa NolderIt’s always so exciting to be the brunt of someone’s animosity, or jealousy, when they just can’t quite figure out how to appreciate who they are, and allow you to be ‘different’. Who knew that posting a photo of oneself could draw the heat of a facebook alert, heavy enough to delete the photo.

Social media offers so many venues for making yourself known, sometimes you have to pick a few and stick with those, so you’re not overwhelmed with the variety.

Marketing yourself online can be either challenging and fun, or overwhelming and well… overwhelming.

But I have a few tips if you’re putting yourself out there, looking for ways to grab an audience and make yourself known for whatever purpose you may have. In Lisa’s case, she’s working as a speaker, motivator, for a select audience, and by putting herself out there on Social Media, people – specifically her audience – can find her, relate to her, and develop a relationship with her. Getting to know Lisa is easy, once you’re connected, you can’t help but love her.

Here are those tips:

God's SelectDon’t be timid. 

It’s kind of like shooting a weapon, lock, load, aim, and fire. Don’t hesitate or your opportunity will disappear. Make your choices and go for the gold.

Don’t have thin skin.

People can be really rude, obnoxious, and just not nice. Don’t let that get to you. You’ve got a message, people need to hear it, and you’re definitely a worthy vessel for sharing that message. Go for it. If people don’t like it, delete their sorry carcasses and move on!

Transparent doesn’t mean vulnerable.

Just because you’re willing to share everything doesn’t mean you need to feel guilty or bad for doing so. If someone doesn’t like what you share – again, delete. Share what YOU want to share and be your own person. There’s really no room in your life for the PC crowd who really doesn’t want to know who you are, and doesn’t want to hear your message.

Get out there and make yourself famous. That’s your job.


Jan Verhoeff offers commentary and marketing advice for the way we market today.


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