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Always, always keep in mind… That our personal relationship with God is always based on vertical communication.  Are you vertical, or horizontal?

prayerFar too many gullible people today believe that the only way they are able to have a sustainable relationship with God and communicate with him, is through another “venue”, person, or third-party means of relationship. Let me preface this with stating, that I am by no means opposed to any person attending a church or place of worship of their choice. But a person should never, NEVER substitute your own relationship with your Creator. Because some self elevated adults today, actually behave worse than some kids who have not learned respect and honor for others. Beware of these people, because they are not just in the ranks of lowlife gossipers who have nothing better to do. In fact, they come in all colors, shapes, and titles.

In fact, people that carry these normal “respected titles” can actually do more damage to gullible people who are wounded, and seeking answers. You may know them as “pastor”, “apostle” or “prophet”. I normally keep my thoughts to myself in these types of situations. But from what I am witnessing, this is a problem that is reaching seriously alarming proportions. Because these titles have the ability to gain an extraordinary amount of authority in other peoples’ lives. And those who are genuinely searching for answers will absorb every single word they say, even to their own demise..

Now – again.. am NOT referring to EVERY pastor in this context. But let me just say, if this post strikes a chord in you, then you KNOW the ones I am talking about, because your spirit knows, and that is your God-given alarm system called discernment. There are many good Shepherds who have faithfully served, and done a very good job in doing so. (I am particularly fond of Chaplains who serve our Armed Forces) But then there are the Lone Ranger spiritual authorities… Who will gain your trust at first, but the end result is complete submission and spiritual captivity that is absolutely devastating to the human soul. And THAT, my friends, is the definition of a CULT. It all starts out good and well, but at the end of the day, if you do not submit to their ideals, philosophies, sermons, and demands, you are labeled as a rebel, Jezebel, backslidden, hopeless, pathetic excuse of a human being. And they will make certain the rest of their followers are informed of your apostasy.

Bible Study and PrayerNeedless to say, this is exactly why God places watchmen on the wall who will sound the alarm when they spot these people coming miles away. I am not laying claim to any high and mighty spiritual insight. But I will say this… I have seen these people in operation, up close and personal. And the moment I bucked their system and their ideals, the fight and labeling game was on. But fortunately, the majority of us are intelligent enough to recognize the wolfskin. So I will take no shame in sounding the trumpet when I see one lurking and preying on innocent, naïve and gullible people who are simply searching for answers during the most vulnerable time in their lives.

Let me give a short example. It starts out as an “encouraging word” or even an encouraging “season”, that makes you feel valued, special, and validated by a person in a position of spiritual authority who has offered some comforting words of insight or counsel to your difficult situation. And their “counsel” touches you on the “felt need” level. And you genuinely need the encouragement, by the way.

So you listen… and then you listen some more… And then you begin to believe them. And so you begin to follow them. (You have just been groomed for a special type of abuse) And before you know it, you have allow that person to take up residence in your life, and whether you want to admit it or not, your own lack of self-discipline and hearing God for yourself has allowed that “TITLE” to become an idol in your life. And then, one day, you witness quirks in their character and integrity that you KNOW are not right.

Now if you’re like me, you absolutely must get to the bottom of things like this. It will keep you awake at night, drive you to the search engines, drive you to reach out to others, and finally, drive you to pray about this yourself (should’ve started there in the first place). All the while, this nagging thought in your brain saying “how dare you question God’s authority and chain of command”… Yep. Well… Guess what, guilty…🙋🏻 that’s right, guilty of exercising my own discernment, my own “know better instinct”, and guilty of questioning that false authority who assumes that they can speak and victimize others in the name of God.

Sorrynotsorry ~ but “you shall not pass”. And the next thing you know, you wake up out of your submissive, blinded stupor only to realize that these folks are about as real as $1000 bill. (Which, by the way, you can “believe God for” while under their spell)

If you’re going to lay claim to the Christian faith, and even promote yourself to a position of pastor, teacher evangelist, prophets, or yes, even apostle, and yet have no accountability structure for yourself in place, let me tell you something… The authority to speak into other peoples lives is a special entitlement that is EARNED. And it is earned by listening, and holding their burdens with honor and confidentiality. NOT “given” by your self risen claim to that self made title you have endowed upon yourself. Because you see, there are still people today who do actually look into your personal character and integrity with our OWN discernment. That’s right…

Label us what you will… But know that in the meantime, we are performing reconnaissance and surveillance on your secret sins of fraud and manipulation. And they will indeed be shouted from the rooftops. Because no man has earned the right to replace God in any persons life. And if that is your intention, so that you can gain followers, build your empire, or line your purse, let me tell you this… God forewarned his people about you centuries ago. In fact, he has given every man, woman, and child a built-in radar system that will sound off full blast 4-alarm style when you start moving in for your kill. And for those who don’t recognize that built in radar system yet, there are those of us who will sound off the moment you cross my border, my sphere of influence, my galaxy for that matter..

Because you see, there is zero shame for understanding that I as an individual am fully capable of hearing the still, small voice of God. And there is zero shame and exercising it when I do. In fact, I will gladly train others to do the same. Because there is too much precious cargo on this planet who have yet to find their OWN purpose and destiny, outside of lining your pockets with your self driven need for accolades, power, and money. In fact, I will gladly coach them on how to invest their talent, money, and time with their OWN gifts and calling, that will cause a greater ROI for their own lives and the lives of others that they have yet to reach. Why should they be obligated to buy your vehicles, your house, and your lifestyle…?

Come on now, you have every opportunity to get out and earn your own without victimizing others via spiritual manipulation. Which is also known as witchcraft, by the way…. (Just so you know..) The highest form of pimping known to mankind. And just so you know… that reap/sow factor… It’s real. Run. While you still have legs to make it to a cave. Hide there. Camp there, build your own fire, hunt for your own food, and survive on your own. Because you are not welcome in our midst, and we are not doing it for you, in the name of “programs”, “offerings” or “gifts”…

If you stand in the ranks of the many individuals who have witnessed these false authorities, own no shame. Because there is no shame IF you recognize their evil works and leave. And if you even suspect that you are currently under the spell of one, then find your nearest and fastest route to someone who you know can provide you with solid advice. Sadly, there are enough cons in this world, without having to deal with them on the all too vulnerable heart and spiritual level. But unfortunately, it’s the day and age we live in. And God warned us about these days, too. Just know that if something doesn’t feel right, something ISN’T right. You don’t even have to call them out. Just leave… Get out… Don’t look back. Move on and be free.      Discover your God-given hidden talents, gifts, and purpose. Because I can promise you, they lie within you. And once you allow them to be unlocked, you just might find yourself doing that which you have always KNOWN you were supposed to do. Don’t allow any man to own your gift. Because God gave it to YOU …


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