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Change the WorldThey called it dalliance, the glow that appears in the morning, after a night of storms, strength in the sunlight. It was the kind of radiance that requires no approval, no contribution, and no improvements. Confidence resides inside of you.

A confident woman –

1 – Stands firm.

Confidence understands the foundation is God. God doesn’t waver. There’s no slippery surface, no shifting sand, no variance in the foundation of God. He never wavers. He is the foundation of strength and courage. In Him, there is no failure. She stands firm on the foundation of God.

2 – Speaks truth.

Through anger, pain, suffering, or even shame, Confidence speaks truth. Even in the lowest moment, when kindness is required, a confident woman speaks the truth, in love, yet the truth remains.

3 – Rests in knowledge.

Confidence is knowledge. Learning what is new and different is part of the package, part of what you do, as you grow, you learn. Gaining knowledge and soaking it up like a sponge to be used and applied where needed. Confident women learn throughout their life, so they can share knowledge with others.

4 – Seeks good.

In the darkest hour, a confident woman finds the good in the moment where she can shine a light, because the goodness will light up the darkness. Confidence is the spark of light that always seeks out the goodness in others, the best in a situation, and the positive thought that will lift others from the darkest moment.

5 – Takes no prisoners.

A confident woman knows that liberty is always the best option. She doesn’t need to control others, because she’s confident that they will do their part. She can let go and leave them the liberty to choose. She can confidently know that she will be okay, and life will be as it should be, without making others do as she wishes. She takes no prisoners, because a confident woman knows they be able to come back if you give them wings to fly.

Knowing what makes you a confident woman, helps you to make better life choices and know the power required to experience a life of success.

Jan Verhoeff offers business owners, developers, and successful women empowerment to live the lives of their dreams. Join her for coffee!


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