Every home deserves cozy warm touches.

Artistic, creative, all-American girl, Lisa Nolder imprints each living space with robust design originals. After a career in business development, Lisa returned to her stylistic roots. Something more natural, inviting, and elegant, with Americana finesse, and world-class beauty? The vision you’ll find in her work comes together in a selection of welcoming vignettes, enhanced with color, and splashed with nature.

Textures, color, and textiles…

…bring home a world of beauty.

Set to rival fifty shades of gray, Lisa Nolder captures the essence and value of the millennial’s favorite color choices, featuring high-impact black and white. It’s all in the mix of colors. Wherever you find the perfect tone of gray, that’s where we find balance, definition, and eloquence.

interior decor

The more intense your life, the more you’ll want quiet, peace, to come home to. And then you’ll want to consider the Millennial favorite, gray on gray scale, selections. Here, we show you how pattern works together with focused tones of gray, to formulate living well, designing your space for cozy comfort and living.

Come on in, sit down, and join us for a cup of coffee, served up in style with a splash of color.

splash of red